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Heimdall Pro Instructions


  • Update my Device

In order to stay up to date with the latest features and security updates users should be proactive to update their devices. An update will download the latest firmware and upload to the Heimdall Pro for installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my Heimdall Pro to my Zigbee Network ?

After powering on the Heimdall Pro, it will automatically begin searching for a Zigbee Network to join. Make sure your Zigbee network is opened to receive new devices.

I powered on my Heimdall Pro controller and it's not connecting to my Zigbee Network ?

It's possible your device is already paired with another Zigbee Network, in this case you will need to remove the Heimdall Pro from the previous network. In the Phillips Hue App, you can navigate to Add lights, Use serial number, and then punch in the first 6 characters of the Zigbee Install Code listed on the side of your device. If you are not using the Phillips Hue App you'll need to reset your Heimdall Pro to factory new. Power cycle the device 5 times to reset the device. If reset is successful the Heimdall Pro will brightness cycle 3 times.

Do I need to download the Sowilo DS App ?

If you are wanting to control the Heimdall Pro over Zigbee without any advanced configuration, you do not need to download the Sowilo DS App. The Heimdall Pro is Zigbee certified and will join existing zigbee networks, see "Connect to a Zigbee Network".

How do I reset my Heimdall Pro ?

To reset your device to factory new, power cyle the device 5 times. If a reset is successful the Heimdall Pro will brightness cycle 3 times. Keep in mind you may need to let the charge in the power supply fully dissipate before power cyling back on.