Trey Xavier's Epic Youtube Studio!

In this Youtube Video, Trey Xavier takes us through his dedicated space for video production, music writing, and recording. Trey showcases his lighting setup using recessed LED lights from Sowilo DS, providing exceptional illumination in a 365-degree configuration. The Bifrost 168-Pro strips are strategically placed all around the room, ensuring consistent and professional lighting for any camera angle.

Trey integrates the lighting system with the Phillips Hue system, allowing for effortless control and the ability to change colors with a simple touch of a button. The versatility of the system is demonstrated by having eight different zones, four on the top and four on the bottom, enabling him to create various lighting schemes and moods throughout the space.

Trey utilizes the Echo Show, streamlining the control of various aspects of the room, including the lighting system. Through the Amazon Alexa app, Trey can conveniently manage the lights and other functions by issuing voice commands.

Trey Xavier's new studio is sure to create visually stunning content!