New 84 LED per meter version of Bifröst Pro now available

Sowilo DS has just added a new version of Bifröst Pro to our lineup, in an 84 LED per meter configuration. The Bifröst-147 Pro uses as many LEDs as we could manage on the PCB for a line of light look under a certain diffusers and aluminum channels and is a very high power/high light output strip. We saw the need for something with some of the specifications relaxed for situations where Bifröst acts as accent lighting rather than task lighting, so we developed the Bifröst-84 Pro as an alternative.

While developing the new strip, we've also taken the time to revisit some of the design parameters of the Bifröst-147 Pro and have been able to make a few improvements:

  • Bifröst Pro now uses newer, even more efficient LEDs to boost the efficacy up to 137 lumens per Watt at 6500k, and 110 lumens per Watt at 2200k! This has been done without sacrificing the 95+ high CRI specification that we've determined as critical for Bifröst Pro's beautiful light output.
  • The double sided tape has been upgraded from 3M 300LE to Tesa 4965 tape. The bonding with this tape is significantly better and should all but eliminate potential separation problems from the substrate.
  • Larger 0.5W resistors for better heat control when Bifröst is running at max output.
As an added bonus, by reducing the number of LEDs on the strip we are able to bring down the cost as well for some of our more price sensitive customers who want the advantages of the Bifröst design. As always, we strive for leading edge design using high quality materials, so no sacrifices have been made on the LEDS compared to Bifröst-147 Pro (and in fact have only improved).

In the coming weeks, we will be updating the Bifröst-147 Pro design to incorporate the improvements in efficiency, heat management, and adhesive tape for future customers. Thank you everyone who has encouraged and supported Sowilo DS so far in our pursuit to create the highest quality smart lighting products available, and here's to future product releases to continue the march forward!

Sowilo DS